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The Truth About Fluoride | Every day we ingest this toxic waste without even knowing it. It's in our water, our toothpaste, our canned vegetables, our babies' bottles...

Do you know how to clean the dirtiest part of your body the natural way? Or, are you relying on man-made chemicals to do it for you? Rethink the way you clean.

Are you living with Plantar Fasciitis? | Taking these steps to relieve your pain is the most important thing you can do to begin your healing process.

What kind of fat do you have? How do you lose it? Is there a such thing as good fat? | Learn how can you can tackle one of America's biggest health problems.

The Path to Independent Consulting| When people hire you on for a consulting job they are not necessarily hiring your knowledge they are hiring you! Your personality, your drive, your spirit...

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