The "All Too Familiar" Scenario 

Your experience in network marketing has probably gone like this:



You, the salesperson:  “Hi, I'm so-and-so with blah blah blah company. I’m very

                                         passionate about what we do and I know you will be too! Would                                                you be interested in such-and-such products we have or services                                              we provide?”


Now, before your potential client answers, they’ll most likely think of one of three responses:                    A. No, get out of my face.

                                       B. Yes, I am interested...or

                                       3. I have absolutely no need for what you are selling and just

                                            zoned out as you were talking.


Finally, they say:          “No, not right now, but thanks though.”



So, you walk away thinking, “What went wrong here? I introduced myself, I explained our products/services in detail, I even had a smile on my face to show them I was approachable.”


If this describes the bulk of your network marketing experiences and you're left thinking the exact same thing, it may be time to take a step back and look at your approach.


Examining Your Approach

Anyone involved in sales and marketing wants to make the next sale and earn more money - that’s the goal, right? Well, this is partially true. Making money is a goal, but it is not thee goal.

Put it this way, no one wants to be sold to. When someone is trying to sell you something, you can tell what their priority is within the first few seconds. Their number one priority is either making money or helping you. If that person immediately talks about their product and how it can benefit you and they haven’t even stopped to listen to whether or not you need it, they have not made helping you their priority.


In essence, your number one goal should be helping the other person - that means the key to approaching network marketing, and any business for that matter, is relationship.

Relationship is all about making the other person a priority by establishing a genuine connection - and notice how the word Network is in front of the word Marketing. The emphasis should be put on the needs of others, first, before you sell.

More specifically, network marketing requires you to make a genuine connection with the other person by listening to their needs so you can become their solution.


Now, if you are like me, and many others reading this, then you are probably wondering how in the world you can connect with someone you meet for a brief moment. The key is not to become best friends with everyone around you, you just need to pay attention to them. One way to do this is to listen and watch. Everywhere you go, you will hear or see someone that may require your products/services. If you don’t think so, just start examining the people at the places you frequently visit like your workplace, grocery store, doctor's office, gym, etc. You will pick up on a lot of queues - for example, when I see someone drinking a Red Bull or a Monster energy drink, it's obvious they're looking for more energy, but they may not be aware of how horrible those energy drinks are for the body. This, then, becomes the perfect opportunity for me to share with them the premium energy drinks we distribute, like Activate and Pure, that provide all natural, lasting energy. Another place I do most of my observing is in the gym. I pick up on queues like the person who always rubs their sore muscles. Well, we just happen to have products specifically for pain relief and decreasing inflammation in the form of nutrition patches which utilize derma fusion technology (DFT).  When I'm shopping at a whole foods store, I often overhear people in conversation about how hard it is to eat healthily nowadays. Immediately, I think of sharing my business card with them and explaining the coaching plans we offer in which I write tailored nutrition guidelines and exercise regimens for each client. These are just some examples, but you catch my drift. In each scenario, I found a way to become someone's solution just by paying attention to them. 


Becoming more aware of those around you allows you to be more organic in your approach because when you notice their problem you’ll begin to engage them in conversation and say something like, “Hey, I’ve been noticing that you’re always rubbing your muscles. I actually have a product that I use and it helps me with my muscle soreness.” At this point, they will be interested because you showed you care (at least somewhat) about them and their problem. Then, you shared with them that you actually use the product and that it works for you. This gives your products credibility in their eyes.

Learning how to care for others ensures that you stay relevant in every situation because the more you care, the more you’ll pay attention to others, and the more you pay attention the more you’ll find problems that require your solution, and the more problems you solve the more money you make! Ahh, it’s such a beautiful cycle, isn’t it?


So, the next time you’re out and about, remember that business is relational. Pay attention to how you can relate to those around you and observe their problem areas so you can become their solution.


Never lose sight of how to make others feel important simply by engaging them in conversation. By doing this, you honor them. When you become less concerned with getting rich quickly, you will be able to enjoy each step and each person along the way.



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