Hey all! It’s Fall time which means we’ve got great health and fitness tips to help you stay healthy during the Fall. When the seasons change, we are faced with a new set of benefits and challenges, so it is important to learn how to properly adapt so you don’t Fall (pun intended) off your health and wellness journey.


Tip #1: Keep your immune system up! They don’t call it cold and flu season for no reason. Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather and eat foods high in Vitamin C like kale, broccoli, oranges, papaya, red and green bell peppers, etc. If you do Fall (I’ve got puns for days lol) victim to a sickness, check out this article to see how you can quickly recover.


Tip #2:  Stay hydrated! When it’s cold outside, we feel less thirsty and don’t drink as much water as opposed to the hot Summer days that leave us parched and ready to guzzle down a gallon of water. Remember, the recommended amount of water for each individual is to drink half of your body weight, in ounces, of water. If you are more active, you should drink more. For example, I weigh 130lbs, so my recommended amount would be half my weight in ounces which is 65 oz. However, I am an athlete, so I have to drink more than the recommended amount.  Also, drinks that contain water, such as tea, also count towards your daily water intake.


Tip #3: Buy in-season veggies! Vegetables such as beets, broccoli, Brussels

sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, eggplant, kale, and squash are all Fall-friendly veggies that thrive in this type of weather. Look for these Fall favorites in the organic section of your grocery store to keep your health up.








Tip #4: Take advantage of the weather! Summer is over and so are the scorching hot temperatures. So, if you are one that struggles with working out in the heat but loves the outdoors, now is your time to shine! Try going to a nice park to

 do your workout and, while you’re at it, enjoy the cool breeze, the beautiful colors, and the smell of crisp leaves.





Tip #5: Plan your workout time! Now that it gets darker earlier, you may not want to wait until you get off of work to do your workout. When it’s dark outside, we may be more tempted to stay indoors and rest, especially after a hard day’s work. So, try to schedule your workout while it’s daylight like during your lunch time at work or early in the morning when the sun comes up. This tip may not work for everyone’s schedule, but it is a wise idea to take advantage of the sunlight while you can.

Tip #6: Spend time outside! Don’t let Fall time turn you into a hermit who just sits and scrolls on their social media feeds for hours. Whether you walk the dog, play with the kids outdoors, take a run, do yard work, or walk in the park, being outside increases your Vitamin D levels, it can decrease anxiety and depression, it clears the mind, and improves mood and concentration.


Tip #7: Don’t be afraid to relax! With the days being colder and it getting darker earlier, it’s a given that we feel more tired. However, do not ignore the signals of your body telling you when it’s time to rest because Fall season is also

holiday season, and we tend to get more stressed and overworked during the holidays. So, sit back with a nice cup of hot chocolate, put on your warm fuzzy socks, and let your mind and body rest.




There are plenty more health and fitness tips where this came from. Follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for videos and tips that you might not find on the website!

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